The Ashfield Estate’s vision is to create places that make sense giving residents the ability to follow sustainable principles. The aim is to build the conservation areas of the future by following vernacular tradition thereby justifying the protection of the public realm through our Design and Community Codes.

Resilient place making means favouring pedestrians and cyclists so that streets feel owned by householders which in turn promotes neighbourliness. We aim to encourage healthier living, local food, and an appreciation of the natural world we share. If these principles serve to inspire civic pride and build community then we will feel that our vision has been rewarded.

At the heart of everything we do

  • Legacy

  • Vision

  • Community

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“The greatest challenge is faithfully delivering our vision. Having our housebuilders on board throughout helps to guarantee the right outcomes. Equally important, however, is the diligent scrutiny of Test Valley Borough Council critically, yet constructively, assessing our very different approach. Public service, so often overlooked, is deserving of real credit.”

Tim Knatchbull, Ashfield Partnership