The Ashfield Partnership aims to achieve good social outcomes by design, imagination, regulation and good management. We are aiming to enhance our experience of neighbouring communities.

  • Relationships with our existing neighbours

    Supporting our local communities, including North Baddesley Parish Council, through the improved facilities at Mountbatten Park, The Community Shed, Combined Operations Wood, access to The Ashfield Estate hinterland, and The Allotments.

  • Walkable Communities

    Developments designed to meet the daily needs of pedestrians and cyclists, with key amenities within easy reach.

  • Enabling Increased Sustainable Living

    Helping residents of our developments to live more sustainably, with an increased awareness of the natural world and our surroundings.

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Community Engagement

The aim of The Ashfield Partnership is to build a legacy through our sustainable housing and communities, Luzborough, Whitenap and Mountbatten Park.

In order to do this, we have tried to set a radical agenda that shies away from the norm and instead seeks new ways of construction that serve not only the future residents of those communities but the wider environment as well. This is why throughout the development process we have been holding regular meetings and sessions for those in existing communities to share their ideas. These sessions have been invaluable and as development progresses we hope to see these relationships flourish.