About Wyatt Homes

Wyatt Homes is a traditional building company dedicated to the delivery of high quality homes having built a reputation for exceptional workmanship and attention to detail. David Wyatt is proud to be have been selected to partner The Ashfield Estate.


Pride in Construction

Wyatt Homes believes in the importance of having a wide variety of skills and disciplines in-house to support The Ashfield Partnership. These range from planning and construction to finance and technical services.

Wyatt Homes is committed to making homes for people who recognise the quality of place-making, how by good design the local vernacular is reflected, and how a clear vision to build community and sustainable liveability has been achieved.

It is these shared principles that led The Ashfield Estate to partner with Wyatt Homes confident that they could work hard together to put into practice the aspirations set out in the Ashfield Design and Community Code.


Working with The Ashfield Estate

Wyatt Homes has lent its broad experience and knowledge to the Ashfield Estate so as to help shape proposals which are both practical and viable.

This Partnership approach makes community engagement all the more purposeful since local people can have confidence that the outcome of discussions will be faithfully delivered through accurate translation from the drawing board to construction on site.

This approach is already evidenced at Luzborough where Wyatt Homes has now completed its phase of construction. This scheme has not only exceeded the expectations of The Ashfield Estate but it has proved to be popular with buyers and also, we believe, within the local community. There appears to be an appreciation of the combination of best traditional practice with modern technologies.

As one of three construction partners, Wyatt Homes will also be responsible for about a third of the new homes proposed at Mountbatten Park and Whitenap.

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“We have been really pleased with Luzborough and that experience will serve us well at Mountbatten Park and then Whitenap. The three housebuilders may do things slightly differently but the sum of the parts is greater given that our range of skills makes us complementary so as to add value.”

David Wyatt, CEO