A large mixed use scheme situated on the southern edge of Romsey, Whitenap will be the last of the three and might take fifteen years to complete. In doing things differently at this scale there has been much to explore through community engagement and with the Councils’ technical teams.

The design will be landscape led and sensitive to the natural world. The mix of uses should enable focal buildings, and fairly simple domestic architecture, based on a pattern of streets which favour pedestrians, cyclists, and social connection. The aim is to grow food wherever possible within the public realm.

“CG Fry’s ambition is to provide wonderful places to live and work that are well designed and built. The mechanism to deliver this at Hoe Lane and Whitenap is through the Ashfield Partnership, where combining forces with two other regional developers and the Ashfield Estate we will be able to achieve what we enjoy doing.”

Philip Fry, CG Fry & Son