The philosophy behind the food and farming vision is the recognition that the consumption of local food produced in a sustainable manner delivers multiple benefits to a community, reinforcing its identity and connectedness with the local ecology.

  • Allotments

    The Ashfield Partnership are providing allotments at Mountbatten Park to enable residents to grow their own fruit & vegetables.

  • Edible Streets

    This is the idea of planting usefully, rather than ornamentally. The fruits of these edible streets will be there for the consumption of everybody.

  • Composting

    Each purchaser will have the option to have a composting bin provided in their garden at no extra cost.

  • Rainwater Collection

    The Ashfield Partnership expects to provide a rainwater butt for every home with a garden.


Our Food & Farming vision will include the following:

  • Easy access to locally and sustainably grown produce
  • Local food grown, packaged and transported in a sustainable way
  • Setting high standards of food production
  • Encouraging residents to  compost waste to reintroduce nutrients
  • Providing education to communities about the benefits of local food
  • Monitoring the success of each initiative and adapting as necessary