The Ashfield Partnership’s vision is to build three sustainable developments on the edge of Romsey and North Baddesley that work actively to enhance the wider environment, rather than detract from it.

  • Woodland Management

    The Ashfield Partnership believes that the new development schemes can be the catalyst towards a more proactive and effective woodland management regime.

  • Light Pollution

    It is important generally, and for the benefit of a number of species, to keep levels of lighting to a minimum. Our designs incorporate lower street lighting and aim to reduce domestic external lighting.

  • Animal habitats

    Habitats for bats, birds, hedgehogs and bees are built into the fabric of the schemes at Luzborough, Mountbatten Park, and Whitenap as part of the strategy for Environmental Growth.


Our environmental vision will include the following:

  • Creating space for wildlife e.g. nesting boxes, hedgehog runways
  • Planting for practicality and not aesthetics
  • Letting wildflowers and hedgerows grow to shelter wildlife
  • Prioritising pedestrians and cyclists, not cars. Including the creation of extensive cycleways and footpaths
  • Reconnecting with nature
  • Creating new community allotments
  • Using locally and sustainably sourced materials to build wherever possible