The First Earl Mountbatten of Burma planted a small triangular woodland enclosed by Hoe Lane and Sylvan Drive in the 1950s and named it Combined Operations Wood.

He was particularly proud of his work for Churchill in the Second World War to improve efficient collaboration between the Navy, the Army, and the Air Force. Mountbatten Park was given to North Baddesley in the 60s and is likely to be enriched as a community facility when the additional residents increase the present patronage.

These two existing names therefore made logical the idea that the new streets could reflect the names of those involved in Combined Operations (Churchill and Keyes) operational names (Copp for Combined Operations Pilotage Parties), Hayling (where much training took place) Gold, Juno, and Sword (D Day landing beaches), Pluto (Pipe Line Under The Ocean) Mulberry (portable harbours) Overlord and Neptune (code names for D Day operations) family members or places (Wilfrid, Evelyn, Ashley, and Mount Temple) and then Withers after the farmer of the land before the Godwin family.

The assistance of North Baddesley Parish Council, local Test Valley Members (Alan and Celia Dowden and Alan Warnes) and the street naming team at Test Valley is much appreciated given the rather personal nature of the naming strategy.