Working with Test Valley Borough Council The Ashfield Estate has created a new path network through Combined Operations Wood, Mountbatten Park, and the Luzborough Plantation for local residents to use for walking with or without dogs. The idea is to reduce pressure on the New Forest by making this local option equally attractive.

The Ashfield Estate is very keen this should not feel municipal and you may well need sensible shoes or wellingtons. It’s a very attractive area which supports an abundance of wildlife. In due course we hope to connect this through to Whitenap creating a convenient route for children wishing to walk or cycle to The Mountbatten School.

We have produced an online leaflet on The Ashfield Estate website, Luzborough plantation, to show the available routes on a map and also to establish a set of rules. In the future this will all require some management aiming to encourage best behaviour since we don’t want there to be conflict between the various users nor do we want to see the natural environment spoiled or livestock farming made difficult.