Find New Homes in Romsey Hampshire

Three exciting new developments are bringing a range of beautiful new homes to Romsey and the surrounding Hampshire area as part of the Ashfield Partnership. However, these are no ordinary developments. Built in the traditional Hampshire style with stylish, modern interiors, these new homes provide a community that is designed to be truly sustainable.

Sustainable Developments Help Wildlife Thrive

From the spacious, modern interiors and range of local amenities to putting sustainability at the heart of community design, our new homes in Romsey offer a contemporary way of life in a wonderfully semi-rural setting. The exterior of the houses delight with their traditional architecture, blending in seamlessly with the local area, while the insides provide everything you need to live a modern lifestyle.

Sustainability is at the heart of all three Ashfield communities as well as an aim to reconnect town and country to reduce our impact on the natural world and to provide healthier options for our families. We believe that by respecting the existing landscape and local communities, and by building logically and sustainably, can we truly create the communities of the future.

Built by three local builders, Wyatt Homes, Morrish Homes and CG Fry & Son, the three new Romsey communities, Luzborough, Whitenap and Mountbatten Park, will perfectly embody the Ashfield vision, to create places we can be proud of and communities that provide real value for the future.

To learn more about the ways The Ashfield Estate plans on creating sustainable communities or for more information on houses for sale in Romsey, get in touch today.

Our Communities & New Homes in Romsey

Offering a relaxed, semi-rural lifestyle with a breadth of activities located right on its doorstep, each of the three Ashfield communities will be designed to blend in seamlessly with Romsey by reflecting the local architecture and style. They include:


A cosy community featuring just 56 beautiful new-build homes on the outskirts of Romsey, Luzborough is the pioneering site of the Ashfield Estate. Carefully designed and built using traditional techniques, each new home and public space reflects the character of the local area perfectly.


Located just a short distance from the town centre of Romsey, Whitenap will be a mixed-use development that will comprise of 1300 new homes as well as a selection of workspace, retail shops and leisure facilities. This blending of residential and commercial plots will allow residents to fulfil all their needs on their doorstep.

Mountbatten Park

Mountbatten Park will be made up of around 300 new build homes and workspace, and include an adventure space in Combined Operations Wood, an allotment garden and play areas. Just like Luzborough and Whitenap, this community will be designed to enhance not only the lives of its residents but the local area and wildlife too.